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ENDUR3 Intra-Workout BCAA by Olympus Labs

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ENDUR3 Intra-Workout BCAA by Olympus Labs


Olympus Labs designed the perfect peri-workout product with ENDUR3.  It remains the ultimate workout igniter to ENDUR3 workouts of the highest intensity.   Because, when DemiGods train, it is an all out assault on the muscles. ENDUR3 provides a maximum level of muscle protein synthesis (MPS), reduces fatigue and muscle soreness, hydrates the body as well as increasing blood flow, exercise capacity and endurance.  It is a perfect and potent formula that has elevated the workouts of several DemiGods and DemiGoddesses worldwide! 


Our customers, the DemiGod Nation, is what motivates us to produce the most innovative and effective products on the market.  Apart of that effort is maintaining a dialogue with the consumer to understand their needs.  We take all customer feedback and product requests seriously and try our best to make them a reality.  So when we received requests from many customers for a streamlined version of ENDUR3, we took notice.  Specifically, the request was for a product that could be used throughout the day or resistance training workouts.  A product that still has BCAAs to stimulate protein synthesis and aids muscle recovery.  Of course, a product that tastes delicious too!  Olympus Labs listens to its customers and strives to meet, no exceed, their expectations.  Without further adue I present ENDUR3 BCAA.  


The formula is powered by the Maximum mTOR Igniting BCAA Matrix featuring 7.5g of InstAminos™ BCAAs in a 4:1:1 ratio, delivering 5g of Leucine, and 2g of Velositol™ for maximum protein synthesis. A high dose of Leucine is by far the most effective amino acid to stimulate protein synthesis.   Do not be fooled by fancy ratios, if the Leucine content of any product is below 5g per serving you are losing out on precious gains.  With the addition of Velositol™ we take muscle protein synthesis (MPS) to another level!  


To support muscle recovery we included The Fatigue Destroying Matrix which consists of2g of L-glutamine and 1g of Taurine and 480mg VitaCherry®.  It reduces reduce fatigue, cramping and can also improve endurance.  In order to ensure you stay hydrated and further prevent muscle cramping we included the Maximum Hydration Matrix, a combination of electrolytes.


So when should you use ENDUR3 BCAA?  Although ENDUR3 BCAA has the most benefit when used immediately before, during and after workouts, that is not the only time you should use it.  It can be used in-between meals to prevent muscle breakdown, when those intervals exceed  3-4 hours.  In addition, supplementation with amino acids can even be beneficial on rest days or anytime where protein ingestion may be low.  ENDUR3 BCAA only contains effective ingredients at clinical doses, including three patented ingredients  Do not settle for inferior products with subpar ingredients or inadequate doses.  In order to RE1GN inside and outside of the gym you need ENDUR3 BCAA. 


Maximum mTOR Igniting BCAA Matrix


The driving force of ENDUR3 BCAA is the Maximum mTOR Igniting BCAA Matrix consisting of 10g of InstAminos™ BCAAs in a 4:1:1 ratio, delivering 5g of Leucine, and 2g of Velositol™.  BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine and valine) have the greatest impact on MPS.  We also included 2g of Velositol™ in the matrix based on research showing the combination of BCAAs and Velositol™ enhances MPS by up to 25%.


InstAminos™ BCAAs

Amino acids are organic compounds that combine to formproteins.  They are commonly referred to as the building blocks of protein.  There are 3 classes of amino acids; non-essential, essential and conditional.   Non-essential amino acids are naturally produced in the body whereas essential amino acids are not synthesized by the body and must come from diet and/or supplementation.  Conditional amino acids are typically not essential except in response to illness or stress on the body.  Among the class of essential amino acids there are three aminos known as branched chain amino acids (BCAAs); leucine, isoleucine and valine.  BCAAs have the greatest impact on muscle protein synthesis (MPS) and decrease the rate of protein degradation in resting human muscle.  Skeletal muscle is a major protein source for catabolism and BCAAs are metabolized during this process so it is important that you are getting an adequate amount in your diet. 


BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine, and valine), particularly leucine, have anabolic effects on protein metabolism which are mediated through changes in signaling pathways controlling protein synthesis. This involves phosphorylation of the mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) and sequential activation of 70-kD S6 protein kinase (p70 S6 kinase) and the eukaryotic initiation factor 4E-binding protein 1.  Activation of p70 S6 kinase, and subsequent phosphorylation of the ribosomal protein S6, is associated with enhanced translation of specific mRNAs.  For these reason the Maximum mTOR Igniting BCAA Matrix contains a proportional amount of BCAAs with 5g leucine, 2.5g isoleucine and 2.5g valine.  


BCAAs were supplied to subjects during and after one session of quadriceps muscle resistance exercise to assess their impact on muscle during the recovery period.  An increase in mTOR, p70 S6 kinase, and S6 phosphorylation was found in the recovery period after the exercise with no effect of BCAAs on Akt or glycogen synthase kinase 3 (GSK-3) phosphorylation.  Exercise without BCAA intake led to a partial phosphorylation of p70 S6 kinase without activating the enzyme, a decrease in Akt phosphorylation, and no change in GSK-3. It has previously been shown that leucine infusion increases p70 S6 kinase phosphorylation in an Akt-independent manner in resting subjects; however, a relation between mTOR and p70 S6 kinase has not been reported previously. The results suggest that BCAAs activate mTOR and p70 S6 kinase in human muscle in the recovery period after exercise and that GSK-3 is not involved in the anabolic action of BCAAs on human muscle.



Velositol is a patent protected amylopectin chromium complex.  The initial research on it has been quite promising.  Pre-clinical research found that the combination of 2g of Velositol™ with BCAAs increased MPS by up to 25% versus BCAAs alone.  After reviewing the available data and anecdotal feedback on the ingredient it was an easy decision to include it in ENDUR3 BCAA.


Fatigue Destroying Matrix

It is natural to feel sore and fatigued when you are pushing yourself to the limits and gaining muscle.  DemiGods have no tolerance for fatigue, we must ENDUR3 so we can go harder during the next training session.  Say goodbye to muscle soreness with the Fatigue Destroying Matrix.  It includes 2g of L-glutamine, 1g of taurine and 480mg VitaCherry Sport® to minimize muscle soreness and fatigue.



Glutamine is also an conditional essential amino acid.  It plays a  key role in the metabolism of major nutrients and is vital for the reconstruction of body protein and the metabolism of energy.  Glutamine is produced in the body where the majority of it is stored in muscles.  In fact, glutamine is the most the abundant amino acid in the body.  However, during heavy workouts the body's glutamine levels can become depleted.  ENDUR3 includes 2g of glutamine to replenish those glutamine levels to prevent fatigue and to aid in muscle glycogen resynthesis during recovery.


In a double-blind study, fifteen male high-level runners participated in a study to examine the impact of glutamine and (or) carbohydrate supplementation on blood ammonia concentration, since high levels are a cause for both peripheral and central fatigue.  In pre-competitive training, the participants ran 120 min (approximately 34 km) outdoors on 4 occasions. On the first day, the 15 athletes ran without the use of supplements and blood samples were taken every 30 min. After that, each day for 4 days before the next 3 exercise trials, the athlete's' normal diets was supplemented in bolus with carbohydrate (1, glutamine (70, or a combination of both.  During the control trial ammonia increased progressively to approximately 70% above rest concentration. Following supplementation, independent of treatment, ammonia was not different (p>0.05) for the first 60 min, but for the second hour it was lower than in the control (p<0.05). The study concluded that supplementation with glutamine in high-level, endurance athletes reduced the accumulation of blood ammonia during prolonged, strenuous exercise in a field situation.  These findings suggest glutamine can prevent both peripheral and central fatigue by its action on blood ammonia concentration.


A study was completed to determine the efficacy of glutamine in promoting whole body carbohydrate storage and muscle glycogen resynthesis during recovery from exhaustive exercise. Seven male participants completed a glycogen depleting exercise protocol, then consumed 330 ml of one of three drinks, 18.5% (wt/vol) glucose polymer solution, 8 g glutamine in 330 ml glucose polymer solution, or 8 g glutamine in 330 ml placebo, and also received a primed constant infusion of [1-13C]glucose for 2 h. Plasma glutamine concentration was increased after consumption of the glutamine drinks (0.7–1.1 mM, P , 0.05). In the second hour of recovery, whole body nonoxidative glucose disposal was increased by 25% after consumption of glutamine in addition to the glucose polymer (4.48 6 0.61 vs. 3.59 6 0.18 mmol/kg, P , 0.05).  These results indicate that ingestion of glutamine alone appeared to promote muscle glycogen resynthesis during recovery from exhaustive exercise, relative to that expected from studies in which no substrate was provided. The promotion of muscle glycogen synthesis by consumption of glucose polymer and of glutamine was not additive. However, the addition of glutamine to the glucose polymer drink resulted in a greater storage of carbohydrate in sites other than skeletal muscle, the most likely candidate being the liver.



Taurine is an amino acid that has a sulfonic acid chain attached to it, in contrast to other amino acids that have a carboxyl acid chain.  It is classified as an conditional essential amino acid, meaning it is essential only during periods of diseases or physical stress such as strenuous exercise.  However, your body not produce enough taurine on its own so it is important to obtain the amino sulfonic acid through diet and/or supplementation. Taurine has several benefits including restoring insulin sensitivity, mitigating diabetic complications, reversing cardiovascular disease factors, preventing and treating fatty liver disease.  Most pertinent for athletes is its ability to reduce muscle soreness and cramping.


Thirty-six untrained male subjects (22.5 ± 3.8 years) were assigned to four groups (double placebo [placebo], BCAA + placebo, placebo + taurine, and BCAA + taurine [combined]) and given a combination of 3.2g BCAA (or placebo) and 2g taurine (or placebo), three times a day, for two weeks prior to and three days after eccentric elbow flexor exercises. DOMS and muscle damage in the biceps brachii were subjectively and objectively evaluated using the visual analogue scale (VAS), upper arm circumference (CIR), and blood parameters (creatine kinase, lactate dehydrogenase [LDH], aldolase, and 8-hydroxydeoxyguanosine [8-OHdG]).  In the combined group, VAS and 8-OHdG two days after exercise, CIR two and three days after exercise and LDH from one to three days after exercise were significantly lower than the placebo group. The area under the curve from before exercise to four days later for CIR, LDH, and aldolase was also significantly lower in the combined group than in the placebo group.  This study indicates that taurine can be utilized for attenuating exercise-induced DOMS and muscle damage.




Figure 1.  Plasma taurine (A), BCAA (B), valine (C), leucine (D) and isoleucine (E) concentrations.Abbreviations: PLCB, placebo supplementation group; BA, BCAA supplementation group; TAU, taurine supplementation group; COMB, combined (BCAA + taurine) supplementation group; PRE, prior to amino acid supplementation; BEx, before exercise; Day1, 1st day after exercise; Day4, 4th day after exercise. Data are expressed as means ± S.E. *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01 versus the PLCB and BA groups by one-way ANOVA.


VitaCherry® Tart Cherry

VitaCherry® is a freeze dried powder made from, Montmorency tart cherries.  Technically known as Prunus cerasus, tart cherries contain a high amount of antioxidants and beneficial phytonutrients, including anthocyanins, the pigments that give cherries their bright red color.  IN fact, tart cherries contain among the highest levels of antioxidants of all superfoods.  Anthocyanins are the key antioxidant compounds in cherries. In addition to providing the bright red pigment to tart cherries, these phytonutrients have been specifically linked to high antioxidant capacity and reduced inflammation, at levels comparable to  some well-known pain medications.  Tart cherries are also sources of other phenolic compounds, such as gallic acid, p-coumaric acid, kaempferol, and quercetin, all of which are potent antioxidants.  Recent studies have found Montmorency tart cherries to be beneficial in reducing post-exercise muscle and joint pain, hence its inclusion in ENDUR3 BCAA.


Tart cherry was assessed in a randomised, placebo controlled, crossover design study on its ability to prevent the symptoms of exercise induced muscle damage.  Fourteen male college students drank 12 fl oz of a cherry juice blend or a placebo twice a day for eight consecutive days.  A bout of eccentric elbow flexion contractions (2 × 20 maximum contractions) was performed on the fourth day of supplementation.  The protocol was repeated two weeks later with subjects who took the placebo initially, now taking the cherry juice (and vice versa).  Strength loss and pain were significantly less in the cherry juice trial versus placebo (time by treatment: strength p<0.0001, pain p  =  0.017).  Specifically, strength loss averaged over the four days after eccentric exercise was 22% with the placebo but only 4% with the cherry juice.  These results demonstrate efficacy for cherry juice in decreasing some of the symptoms of exercise induced muscle damage. 


A study was conducted to investigate the efficacy of tart cherry juice in aiding recovery and reducing muscle damage, inflammation and oxidative stress. Twenty recreational Marathon runners either consumed cherry juice or placebo for 5 days before, the day of and for 48 h following a Marathon run.  Isometric strength recovered significantly faster (P=0.024) in the cherry juice group while no other damage indices were significantly different.  Inflammation was reduced in the cherry juice group (IL-6, P<0.001; CRP, P<0.01; uric acid, P<0.05). Total antioxidant status (TAS) was ~10% greater in the cherry juice than the placebo group for all post-supplementation measures (P<0.05).  Protein carbonyls was not different; however, Thiobarbituric acid reactive species (TBARS), a measure of oxidative stress, was lower in the cherry juice than the placebo at 48 h (P<0.05). The cherry juice appears to provide a viable means to aid recovery following strenuous exercise by increasing total antioxidative capacity, reducing inflammation, lipid peroxidation and as a result aids in the recovery of muscle function.


Maximum Hydration Matrix

During extensive periods of strenuous exercise, fluid loss occurs which can lead to thermal stress, accelerated fatigue, impaired cognition and a reduction in exercise performance.  Re-hydration with water is never a bad idea.  However, DemiGods train hard and need more than just plain water for replenishment.  The body loses electrolytes through sweat and they should be replaced by drinking fluids that contain electrolytes to prevent loss of energy, fatigue and fluid imbalance. That mission is accomplished with the Maximum  Hydration Blend that provides you with the full set of electrolytes; 400mg of Potassium Citrate, 250mg of Sodium Citrate, 250mg of Calcium Phosphate and 80mg of Magnesium Aspartate.


Electrolytes are essentials minerals that the body needs to function.  These include sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium.  Electrolytes direct water and nutrients to the areas in the body where it is needed most and maintains an optimal fluid balance or in other words they support hydration.  In fact, by consuming fluids with electrolytes your body will require less overall fluid intake compared to plain water which will help you avoid carrying excess weight while you train.  Electrolytes also help your muscles to contract and relax which prevents cramping.  In addition, electrolytes can provide energy by breaking down protein and absorbing nutrients.  Magnesium is specifically beneficial since it participates in the conversion of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) and can lower blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen intake.


In one study eight participants consumed plain water and eight participants consumed water plus an electrolyte additive during 15 hours of laborious activity (ie.wildfire suppression).  There were no differences between groups for body weight, drinking frequency, temperature data, activity, or urine-specific gravity (1.019 ± 0.007 to 1.023 ± 0.010 vs. 1.019 ± 0.005 to 1.024 ± 0.009 for water and water + electrolyte groups pre- and post-shift, respectively; P < .05).  The water group consumed more total fluid (main effect for treatment) than the water + electrolyte group (504 ± 472 vs. 285 ± 279 mL·h-¹ for the water and water + electrolyte groups, respectively; P < .05).  This study found the addition of an electrolyte mixture to plain water decreased the overall fluid consumption of the water + electrolyte group by 220 mL·h-¹ (3.3 L·d-¹). Supplementing water with electrolytes can reduce the amount of fluid necessary to consume and transport during extended activity. This can minimize carrying excessive weight, possibly reducing fatigue during extended exercise. 



ENDUR3 BCAA is a simple but yet extremely effective formula.  It provides everything you need to TR1UMPH in and out of the gym and does not include any useless fillers like the competition.  The synergistic effect of the high dose of Leucine and Velositol™ will provide significant muscle protein synthesis (MPS).  Do not be fooled by fancy ratios, if the Leucine content of any product is below 5g per serving you are losing out on precious gains.  With the addition of Velositol™ we take muscle protein synthesis (MPS) to another level!  


Then consider the inclusion of VitaCherry® and it becomes clear that ENDUR3 BCAA will far outperform any amino based product on the market.  Well, perhaps there is one product that can rival ENDUR3 BCAA; Olympus Labs ENDUR3 EAA!  So pick your poison, ENDUR3 BCAA or ENDUR3 EAA and add to your workout stack with RE1GN and TR1UMPH.  Getting crazy strong never tasted so good.


Make the transition from mere mortal to a DemiGod with ENDUR3 BCAA!  



Directions: As an intra-workout take 1 scoop during the course of exercise and on off days take any time during the day.






















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Disclaimer:The products listed on Suppremacy are intended to be used as a dietary supplements. They are not miracle cures. These Statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please always consult with your physician before consuming any dietary supplement.

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